“I would highly recommend Hey, Coach! to any current or “soon-to-be” volunteer youth sports coach. In today’s “win-at-all-cost” youth sports culture that has become more about the coach’s record than the kids, Jeff Dudan presents a much needed gut check on the true purpose of coaching and specific ways a coach can make an indelible impression on his or her player’s lives.”

Brian Sanders | President & COO, i9 Sports Corporation

“As a professional athlete for 20 years, I can look back and see how instrumental coaches and mentors have been in my life, and using sports as a vehicle, helped shape me into who I am today.  Now with young children of my own, I see the importance of the connection between coaches and children, and the opportunity to make an impact.  Hey Coach lays out a framework to do just that, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make the most out of the coaching opportunity.”

Christian Vande Velde | Retired American Professional Road Racing Cyclist

“Hey, Coach! is a book about how to step up with confidence to volunteer to coach kids sports and along the way teach them life lessons. As a business leader and executive coach, I found the book’s teachings to also be extremely valuable for adults in their working roles as part of a team or the team’s manager/coach. This book contains transformational lessons that can be used for all ages and in any team environment!”

Dave Zerfoss | Former President, Husqvarna NA | CEO, The Zerfoss Group | Chair, Vistage International

“Jeff Dudan nails it when it comes to youth sports in America today. He brings an honest approach of the struggles most youth sport coaches face on a daily basis. Jeff’s view on leadership and character is refreshing and inspiring. Hey Coach is a must read for any coach or parent looking to help young athletes through youth sports.”

Jeremy Martin | Founder | MS, PES, CES, USAW

“Jeff understands the purpose driven role of the privilege of coaching young kids. He grabs the hearts of parents, coaches, former players and all of us who had those moments we want back so we can make things right – yet generously gifts us with those memories that fill our hearts with the joy of when we did the right thing. Perhaps a ‘Must Read’ – No – a ‘Required Read’ – for Youth Sports Coaches and Parents.”

Ed Kelley | Friend, Fellow Entrepreneur and Always a Coach | Former CEO, DigitalSports, Inc. | Pioneer Cofounder, Jiffy Lube

“A page turner from beginning to end, this book is for coaches of all type. “Hey, Coach” is full of important ideas for both the athletic and business fields. It will simultaneously remind you of cherished memories and special characters in your life while illuminating important leadership lessons you can use today. This book is destined to become a classic.”

Joseph Hewitt | Founding Member, MedGift, LLC